Paul Meacham the most interesting man in Heber Arizona.  He lives in Heber. Meacham was a soldier of the Mormon Church. He served in the Second Arizona Battalion, 17th California Regiment, which included Mountain Meadows and Laredo. In one of the many photos I have of Meacham, I notice he has a big nose.  He is a good looking young man.  The photo above shows him with his brother, Jeff Meacham and their sister.  She has a beautiful tattoo on her right thigh that shows she may have been a missionary.  You can see she is from Heber, Arizona. Meacham’s mom, Elizabeth, is from Heber, Arizona.  She attended BYU. Meacham is described as having short brown hair and blue eyes. His face is described as handsome and slightly tattooed.  He is a large man with blue eyes and medium build.  Meacham is of stocky build.  He is also 6 feet 1 inches tall. You can find some fascinating images on the blog posts here and here. Here are a few links to some links to some of my personal research. My research, including the comments and photos and videos, shows many similarities between Joseph Smith and various figures who have been related to him. If you read the comment boards of these posts, they seem to come from several different people. For example, you can read about the birth of God, the early Church history, and the birth of the Book of Mormon. But I did notice some of them seemed to refer to people like Sidney Rigdon. The Sidney Rigdon story also seems to have its own history, while the other stories all seem to refer to people before 1860. I will get into that a bit later. You can find many of my posts on this site, linked on the blog links below. But here are some that I found interesting about the Church. The following are from a reader. He has posted several photos of him, the man who played a big part in the Nauvoo Exposit of the 1842 Expositions,  along with his story. You can view it here. There is also the photo from the Exposit where Joseph Smith made some pronouncements, which is very interesting in the context of what we know at that time. He also has a link to the website of the Mormon History Museum that includes the photos of him. Here are a few more photos that he posted. If you want to see photos from around Nauvoo, they are included. The images were taken during the summer months. My thanks goes to the man who took care of these photos for them to be posted here. If you have photos that I missed, feel free to send them in or just add me. All I ask for is a credit or acknowledgement of the source. If you write a comment and want to include me, please include a link to where you are posting it. You can find many of my stories and photos in my Blog. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook. My email address is me@christopherwales.com I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can. Also see: The Origins of Joseph Smith and the Origins of Mormonism. Some Links There were also posts on this blog that were posted at the end of May. I did not make them for a while. It appears they are here:   One Man’s Journey to the Top of a Mountain by Mike W. Welch.   Mormonism at Work by Gary Evans. The Origins of Mormonism: The Quest of Joseph Smith and the Origin of Mormonism, by Kevin D. Ewbank